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Business Consulting

Helping you adapt to current market dynamics by developing growth and transformation strategies.

Business Consulting

Market Research Vietnam provides advisory and growth strategy services to help you transform your business. We add lasting value to your business by delivering actionable recommendations based on data-driven insights to allow you to maximize your company's growth.

Our team of advisors will prepare your organization for a major transformation. Our consultants analyze industry trends, market environments, possible threats, business processes, and new technologies that can support your business activities. We identify the threats that may challenge your business and design strategies to address issues in your company's performance.


The team will conduct reviews and develop strategies to help you improve your business processes. Market Research Vietnam is dedicated to delivering data-driven insights that you can apply to ensure your company's sustained success.

We will help you optimize your supply chain and support you in developing your environmental, social, and governance (ESG) measures. We will design sustainability programs to highlight your company's green business activities. Our consultants will identify areas where you can maximize your capital and reduce costs. We will explore ways that you can outperform your competition to lead your market.

Our professionals are experts in Vietnam's culture, languages, and business environment. We provide actionable recommendations to enable your business to thrive and become a leader in the local market.

Our Service Offerings

Other Case Studies

  • Industrial Tools in Vietnam

    Manufacturing Site Selection for Industrial Tools in Vietnam

    YCP Solidiance placed a team composed of a project manager and three consultants on this project. The team visited established and emerging industrial zones in Vietnam to conduct in-depth interviews with industrial zone management, other manufacturers, and relevant government agencies & industry associations.

  • Vietnam Lubricant Market Assessment

    Lubricant Market Assessment in Vietnam

    YCP Solidiance provided a comprehensive knowledge about the lubricant market, competitors and distribution models, future trends, growth drivers. We also helped client to identify pricing, promotions, brand positioning, and marketing activities.

  • Acquisition of Vietnam Generics Pharma Co.

    Commercial Due Diligence for Acquisition of Vietnam Generics Pharma Co.

    YCP Solidiance developed a comprehensive due diligence framework that comprised a full-fledged analysis of the market, customer segment, product segments, competition, distribution channels, coupled with an in-depth internal assessment of the Target's operations, commercial activities, risk factors, etc.

  • Portable Energy Generators in Vietnam

    Market Landscape for Portable Energy Generators in Vietnam

    YCP Solidiance placed a team composed of 7 senior consultants including two Principals on this project. Our team liaised regularly with our client’s teams in Japan to provide weekly updates.

Our Success Stories

Our Success Stories

See how we make impacts to our clients through evidence-based insights and strategy recommendations.

Case Studies
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Read Our Insights

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