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An Overview of Global Automotive Lubricant Players

26 Apr 2024 | Vietnam

Global automotive lubricant players have adeptly tapped into the favorable digitalization demographics of the SEA countries. Leveraging the growing internet penetration and surging e-commerce sales volume, these brands have solidified their presence in the online space. This digital prowess has resulted in intense competition for new entrants seeking to navigate this thriving market.

Among the prominent global players, Shell PLC, an international oil and gas company founded in 1907 and headquartered in London, stands out. TotalEnergies SE, a French multinational integrated energy and petroleum company dating back to 1924, is one of the seven supermajor oil companies. Castrol Limited, a British oil company, offers a diverse range of oils, greases, and lubrication products for various applications.

Chevron Corporation, an American multinational energy giant, operates predominantly in oil and gas. Idemitsu, a Japanese petroleum company, is actively involved in owning and operating oil platforms and refineries in the production and sale of petroleum, oils, and petrochemical products. Motul, a French company with a rich 160-year history, specializes in producing high-performance motor oils and industrial lubricants. STP, an American brand renowned for automotive aftermarket products, especially lubricants like motor oil and additives, also plays a significant role in this global landscape.

Southeast Asia’s Lubricant Players

Regional automotive lubricant industry players in SEA have made notable strides in their home countries, although challenges such as limited resources, brand recognition, and distribution capabilities persist.

PTT Lubricants, a subsidiary of PTT Public Company Limited in Thailand, stands out with its personalized retail service solutions, PTT Lube solution service and PTT Fit Auto application in Thailand. PTT Lube Solution benefits manufacturing businesses with comprehensive services for improving lubricant systems, while PTT Fit Auto provides a convenient online booking service for end-users.

Global Lubricant Players' Presence in SEA

Image Source: YCP White Paper

Petronas, founded in 1974, has evolved into one of the largest and most integrated international petroleum corporations, originating from Malaysia. Petronas leads digitalization with platforms like iGap and AI CoE, leveraging external expertise to develop innovative solutions. The Spot initiative ensures employee welfare by employing tracking applications, machine learning, and data analytics to enhance safety.

Pertamina, a state-owned oil and gas company in Indonesia, introduces the MyPertamina app, streamlining orders for businesses and offering a unified platform for purchasing petrol and automotive lubricants. This initiative benefits players in the lubricant supply chain by reducing the stakeholder risk of fuel fraud.

Other SEA lubricant players Petrolimex, established in 1956, has grown into Vietnam's largest petroleum distributor and retailer. Bangchak Corporation Public Company Limited (Bangchak), a leading energy company in Thailand, contributes to the regional landscape.

Seaoil, founded in 1997, has become one of the largest and most recognized independent fuel providers in the Philippines, emphasizing the regional diversity. Lastly, Petron Corporation, the largest oil refining and marketing company in the Philippines, adds to the regional players' tapestry.

Future Outlook of Automotive Lubricants

As we look towards the future, the global automotive lubricant industry players are expected to continue their dominance, leveraging digital platforms and technological advancements. The industry anticipates sustained growth, with a focus on innovative product offerings, enhanced customer experiences, and a commitment to environmental sustainability. While global players forge ahead with their digital strategies, regional players are likely to intensify efforts to overcome constraints and expand their market footprint in the broader SEA region.



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