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Navigating Renewable Energy Opportunities in Vietnam

30 Jan 2024 | Vietnam

Vietnam is currently undergoing a transformative shift towards renewable energy, marked by a surge in renewable capacity and ambitious government policies. Vietnam designed the Power Development Plan 8 (PDP8), which outlines a strategic roadmap that will steer the country toward a future dominated by cleaner energy sources, especially in liquefied natural gas (LNG), wind, and integrated storage segments. This transformation provides opportunities for investments in Vietnam's energy sector.

YCP Solidiance's white paper, "Policy Ambitions Versus Reality: The Current Energy Transition in Vietnam," highlights each sector's drivers and barriers toward renewable energy transition. For example, LNG takes center stage as a cleaner alternative to coal, aligning with COP26 commitments. The Ministry of Industry and Trade (MoIT) prioritizes LNG-to-power, targeting a 25% share by 2030. However, recent petroleum and LNG price fluctuations pose challenges, demanding stable prices for economic feasibility.

Energy Opportunities in Vietnam

Similarly, with wind energy's potential soaring to 512 GW, the MoIT envisions a substantial contribution to the energy mix. Despite this potential, inadequate policies and grid integration challenges hamper private investment. Delays in policy formulation and grid stability issues pose hurdles, emphasizing the need for a robust regulatory framework.

To accommodate the intermittency challenges in offshore wind projects, pumped hydro and battery energy storage systems (BESS) emerge as viable options. However, barriers in technology, financial feasibility, and policy regulations impede their seamless integration, necessitating strategic advancements.

Renewable energy opportunities

There are two key opportunities for investors to optimize their investments in Vietnam's energy sector, as shown below.

1. Navigating complex legal frameworks

Renewable energy in Vietnam has witnessed remarkable growth, driven by an increasingly supportive policy environment. The nation is poised for a fast-paced, capital-intensive, and technically complex energy transition, reflecting its commitment to sustainability.

However, the development of Vietnam's power industry requires compliance with a multifaceted legal framework. Laws such as the Power Development Plan, Law on Investment, Law on Enterprises, Law on Construction, Law on Land, Law on Environment Protection, and Law on Electricity present a comprehensive yet evolving set of guidelines. Constant adaptation is essential as these regulations are subject to continuous development.

While existing regulatory challenges persist, the potential benefits of sustainable energy development in Vietnam far outweigh the barriers. Despite uncertainties in policies governing specific energy developments, proactive collaboration with central and provincial agencies, including the Ministry of Planning and Investment (MPI) and the Ministry of Industry and Trade (MoIT), remains crucial.

2. Collaborative approach

Despite evolving regulatory landscapes, the potential for new projects and disruptive technologies to find a niche in Vietnam's market is evident. The lack of specific policies in certain energy domains necessitates close collaboration with governing bodies, ensuring that energy projects align seamlessly with the evolving legal framework.

Foreign investors and developers eyeing Vietnam's energy sector are urged to establish robust partnerships with local organizations. This collaborative approach offers better visibility and expertise in the local market, project financing, and navigating the complex regulatory environment. By partnering with local entities, investors can mitigate risks, gain valuable insights, and foster critical connections.


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